1. How long does it take for my item to arrive?
- Shipping usually takes 5-10 business days sometimes longer because every item is made to order, in order of purchase.

2. Do you ship internationally?
- Yes. However, before you order make sure to email us at drgnbrand@gmail.com because shipping charges vary from country to country.

3. What's your return/exchange policy?
While we appreciate your business, we have a strict NO RETURN policy and cannot offer refunds for any of our products. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

4. How can I model for your brand?
- We're always looking for new DRGN gals and DRGN pals to become a new face of our brand. If you're located in Atlanta and have a cool alternative look email us some pictures of yourself and a link to your IG at drgnbrand@gmail.com

5. I am a stylist; how can I pull your merchandise for a photo shoot or event?
- Please fill out our Wardrobe Stylist Form and we will respond within 24hours. Click Here